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Most Recent Projects

Full Video Available Upon Request

My two most recent projects created in my graduating year at the New England Center for Circus Arts (2022)


"The Great Escape"


A dubious, sinister aquatic monster comes out to play..and is also neither dubious nor sinister.


"When I Know What's Out There"

Dance Trapeze

A story of young child struggling to understand what plagues her, and ultimately learning that she must be the only one to help herself get better.

Acts for Hire: My Work

Other Complete Works

Full Videos Available Upon Request

"Seperable" -- Batons, 2021


This act explores the complexities of excitement for a loved one's grand journeys, while at the same coping with the distance between you. Completed in the second year of NECCA's ProTrack Program.

"Rubble" -- Dance Trapeze 2021


When faced with the end of days, who or what is able to survive? When left completely isolated, is it hope, or something stronger, that lets us carry on? This act tells the story of a creature left to to her own devices to decide if she will crumble under the weight of a world no longer there, or if she will conquer it herself and build anew. Completed in the second year of NECCA's ProTrack Program.

Acts for Hire: My Work
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